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Standards-based Programs

  • Everyday Mathematics
    This enriched mathematics curriculum for grades K-6, developed by the University of Chicago School of Mathematics is designed to empower students and teachers to understand mathematical content beyond arithmetic. Explore mathematics by investigating data, probability, geometry, patterns and algebra.
  • Teacher retention, teacher effectiveness, and professional preparation: A comparison of professional development school and non-professional development school graduates
    Compared Professional Development School (PDS) and non-PDS graduates regarding retention in teaching, teaching effectiveness, and perceptions of professional preparation.
  • Math Trailblazers
    Complete research-based K-5 mathematics program integrating math, science and language arts. Math Trailblazers is based on organized investigation of everyday situations; all students deserve a richer and more challenging curriculum.
  • Bridges in Mathematics, Opening Eyes, and Math Alive!
    Bridges is an innovative and comprehensive standards-based program for grades K-2. Develop solid mathematical foundations through concept-oriented games and solving problems.
  • Investigations in Number, Data and Space
    The K-5 "Investigations" curriculum offers in-depth experiences in number, data, geometry, and mathematics of change. The program's major goals are to offer students meaningful mathematical problems, emphasize thinking rather than superficial exposure to fragmented topics, to communicate both content and pedagogy to teachers, and to substantially expand the pool of mathematically literate students.