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Lessons & Investigations

  • i-Math Investigations (Illuminations at NCTM)
    These multimedia math investigations are online and interactive using Java applets and video clips. Complete i-Maths include investigations for students, teacher notes, answers, and related professional development activities.
  • The Golden Ratio, David L. Narain
    The meaning and value of the Golden Ratio is developed through a set of seven great student activities, beginning with "The Golden Ratio in Everyday Life" and ending with "The Perfect Face". Background information about the Fibonacci sequence is featured.
  • CESAME Support Site for "Investigations" (TERC)
    CESAME supports schools implementing exemplary K-12 math and science curricula. Interactive support for teachers using Investigations in Number, Data and Space by TERC.
  • Selected Web Resources by NCTM
    Use this matrix with mathematical strands and grade bands to search over 1100 carefully reviewed internet resources. These resources will help to improve teaching and learning for all students, and help teachers understand and apply NCTM's Principles and Standards for School Mathematics.
  • Lesson Plans from PBS
    Great hands-on inquiry-based activities arranged by grade level and topic. What can I do on Monday? How about measuring bubbles or solving a measuring puzzle with paper strips? Minimal materials needed.
  • "Petals Around the Rose: Building Positive Attitudes About Problem Solving" by Marie Appleby
    Middle school students take charge of their own learning once this math teacher presents an intriguing puzzle. Student journal entries are included.
  • Internet-Based Lesson Plans (NCTM)
    Find examples of how the Internet can be used to help create effective Standards-based mathematics lessons. Some sites provide real-world data to analyze and use.