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  • Annenberg Grant Overview and Information
    The "Press Room" summarizes the major public K-12 education grants funded by Annenberg.
  • Guidebook of Federal Resources and Grant Writing Tips
    Resources to help you locate and apply for educational funds from corporations, agencies and foundations. Comprehensive Grant Sites, Grant Writing Tips, Guidebook of Federal Resources, and Sources of Funding.
  • National Science Foundation Grants and Awards
    Information about grants, including regulations, policies and procedures, agreement conditions, outreach programs, and honorary awards.
  • SRA International Grants Web
    Society of Research Administrators International: Web resources for government funding and resources (local, state, federal, and some international sites), general research administrator resources (grant forms, grant writing tips, legal issues,news, journals and much more) policy and information regulations and SRA international foundation list.
  • Toyota Grants for Innovative Math Projects
    Toyota's Investment in Mathematics Excellence (TIME) grants awards of up to$10,000 for innovative projects that enhance mathematics education within a school. K-12 classroom teachers with three years experience teaching mathematics are eligible to apply.